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An Attractive Municipality

Due to a favorable geographical location in the middle of Jutland and a well-developed infrastructure such as the Silkeborg Motorway and three nearby airports Silkeborg Municipality is a very attractive place to run your business.

Everything's nearby

Silkeborg Municipality is one of the best in attracting new companies in Jutland. Furthermore Silkeborg Municipality has about 1,4 million of people within an hour, in which 50,000 are well-educated and competent in a wide variety of field. A major plus is the presence of qualified and professional educational facilities: Universities, colleges, vocational schools, high schools – most of which have an international profile.

In general, Silkeborg Municipality has a lot to offer its citizens and other people who might consider either moving to the municipality or setting up a business.

Core competencies

Silkeborg Municipality will create a dynamic framework for businesses by specializing in various sectors such as:

  • Water and wind power 
  • Information technology (IT) 
  • Finances 
  • Production 
  • Experiences 
  • Tourism

Silkeborg Municipality is determined to provide all businesses a fast and quality service whatever your inquiry is about.


We have over 90,000 active citizens who see themselves and each other as part of a democratic community.

Silkeborg Municipality is a visible, competent, and innovative workplace with 6,500 academically strong and dedicated employees.

Our work is based on the values of dialogue, dynamics, quality and consistency.

  • Population: 90,719 per. January 1st, 2016.
  • Population Growth: 0.78% in 2015.
  • Budget: 5.2 billion. DKK. in 2015.
  • Capital expenditure: 321 million. DKK. in 2015.
  • Tax rate: 25.5%.
  • Land tax: 28.26‰. 
  • Employees: 6,447 corresponding to 5,887 full-time positions in 2013. The municipality's largest employer. 
  • Mission: Due to democratic processes of the city council and the surrounding communities Silkeborg Municipality want to create the best possible environment to live and work in our area. 
  • Vision: Silkeborg Municipality - a dynamic community with unique opportunities for development. 
  • Values: Dialogue, dynamics, quality and consistency.
  • The City Council has 31 members.

Economy and efficiency

  • A stable economy. 
  • Budget balance: Tight but with room for development. 
  • One of the most efficient municipalities in Denmark: Silkeborg Municipality is one of the very cheapest and most efficiently municipalities in Denmark, measured per. 1,000 inhabitants. 
  • Competitive: 27.5% of the municipal tasks are carried out by private companies (2014). The average for all municipalities in Denmark is 26.4%.
Business Task Force
Head of Development Gregers Pilgaard Søvej 1, 8600 Silkeborg
Chamber of Commerce
Torvet 2a, 1st floor 8600 Silkeborg
Town Hall and Citizen Services
Søvej 1. 8600 Silkeborg

Silkeborg Kommune
Søvej 1
8600 Silkeborg