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Legal Environment and Regulations

On this page you can gain access on relevant information about business authorities in Denmark and regulations.

Business in Denmark is a public service providing information to foreign service providers from other EU and EEA countries on the relevant rules and registrations in Denmark.

The website of Business in Denmark

The Danish Business Authority endeavours to create the best conditions for growth in Europe, and to make it easy and attractive to run a business in Denmark.

The website of Danish Business Authority

A public user portal that gives you advice, rights, and complaints.

The website of Danish Competition and Consumer Authority (opens in Danish)

Their main task is to supervise compliance with financial legislation by financial undertakings and issuers of securities as well as investors on the securities markets.

The website of the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority

Their field of responsibility is based on the shipping industry and its framework conditions, the ship and its crew. In addition, they are responsible for aids to navigation in the waters surrounding Denmark and ashore.

The website of the Danish Maritime Authority

The objective of DKPTO is to be the centre for strategic information, and to protect the rights of both techniques and business marks. They issue Patent and Design Rights and register Trademarks.

The website of Danish Patent and Trademark Office

The focus is on the safety technological aspects relevant to fires, accidents and explosions. It is the mission to set the standard in safety technology in Denmark, Europe, and Internationally.

The website Danish Technology Safety Authority

The Ministry of Business and Growth seeks to improve the conditions for growth in Denmark. It is responsible for a number of policy areas, which are important for the general business environment including business regulation, Intellectual Property Rights, competition and consumer policy, the financial sector, and shipping.

The website of the Ministry of Business and Growth

Virk is an official business internet portal that provides an entrance to the public sector. The English version is different from the Danish version due to fewer functions. This English version has a CVR function (the Danish state's master register of information about businesses). Here, you can search businesses and find their CVR numbers, addresses, business type, etc. Navigation and headings are in English, but a lot of Danish content will occur.

The Central Business Register at Virk is available with English navigation, headings, and categories, but you will meet a lot of Danish content. Some functions require that you are logged in using NemID. The English version of Virk is continuously improved.

The website of Virk (opens in English)

This website is in Danish. Virk is an official business internet portal that provides an entrance to the public sector. Virk brings together three content areas: Virk Indberet (Report), Virk Startvækst (Start Growth), and Virk Data.

Virk Report brings together all agencies and municipalities vocational alerts. On Virk Report, for example, you report the VAT, submit annual accounts, or change your business.

Virk Start Growth helps the company starting-up, Development, and growth. Here is an overview of how to get started, and how you can continue to grow your business. Virk Start Growth also provides an overview of public support for small and start-up entrepreneurs and for established companies that want to develop new methods, markets and products.

Virk Data is a data catalog with business relevant data from public authorities. There is also access to an App Market with solutions and applications built on public available data.

The website of Virk (opens in Danish)

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