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    Hjem Erhverv Invest in Silkeborg An Ambitious Business Community

An Ambitious Business Community

We strive to be in the top ten of best business municipalities in Denmark. Furthermore, we wish to create 3,000 more jobs and reach 100,000 citizens in 2025. Together, we make the municipality a better place to do business in.

Among the best attracting businesses

Between 2009 and 2013 932 companies did establish in Silkeborg Municipality and the number of new businesses increased by 3.1 %. The increase puts Silkeborg among the best in Jutland to attract new businesses according to a survey conducted by research firm Bisnode Market comparing all 98 municipalities' ability to attract business.

Silkeborg Municipality has a central location, provides access to 1.4 million inhabitants, 50,000 highly educated people and three airports within an hour.

But it's not the only reasons why Silkeborg Municipality is an attractive area for business.

"In Silkeborg Municipality we have some of the best educated people. It gives companies direct access to skilled labor," says Torben Vilsgaard, director of Business Silkeborg.

Supporting your business

We strive to make our municipality better for you by means of better service for your company master plan for entrepreneurs in Silkeborg, welcome packages and visible offers for start-ups, support the municipality in being a strong IT area, create more life, growth for the water industry and strengthen Silkeborg as a tourist destination.

The Business Corridor

Business Park Silkeborg will be located on Nørreskov Bakke close to the new Silkeborg Motorway opening in 2016. This is a typical owner-occupied building of 11,500 square meters with flexible leases - a "Company-house".

Business Park Silkeborg is planned for ultimo 2016.

The business corridor gives businesses a unique opportunity to get easy access and facades just a few meters from the motorway. It gives a great visibility to the 30,000 potential customers driving past every day.

Business Park Silkeborg is a landmark building on six floors, which are common lobby, cafeteria, conference facilities etc. The house is designed with a background in modern premises architecture, where the house from the outside must be beautiful, distinctive, and recognizable, and the inside will have modern and flexible leases with good daylight conditions and views are integrated into the all leases. The house consists of four detached buildings and due to the expressive facades and central location the company house will be one of the most prominent office buildings in Silkeborg Municipality.

Business Task Force
Head of Development Gregers Pilgaard Søvej 1, 8600 Silkeborg
Chamber of Commerce
Torvet 2a, 1st floor 8600 Silkeborg
Town Hall and Citizen Services
Søvej 1. 8600 Silkeborg

Silkeborg Kommune
Søvej 1
8600 Silkeborg